The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle For Longer Flight Times!

The latest AR Drones have the capability to fly high, and they are delivered with better looks. New versions are released into the market with little modifications so that they can entertain the needs of various kinds of users in a very efficient manner. You should go through the tips and tricks offered by experts so that the drone can be managed in the best condition and you will have great flying experience.

New Modifications

The latest ar drone 2.0 mods fit to one model only. Before purchasing the product, you should do homework so that you can settle for a ‘value-for-money’ product without any issues.

AR Drone Mods: Optimize Your Drone For Longer Flying, WiFi Range And More

Stock Battery Replacement

The stock battery can be replaced directly with Bastens LiPo battery. The battery is available in the same size and shape. By installing the new battery, you will enjoy 20 minute flight time without any issues.

It is possible to achieve faster charge rate which is 2.6 Amps so that the recharge will be done in less than 45 minutes. Other important battery features include 1300mAh, 3 cells and 15C Constant discharge.

You can manage non-stop flying if you possess two batteries. The charging time is cut in half, and you will be able to fly faster without any issues.

AR Drone Mods: Optimize Your Drone For Longer Flying, WiFi Range And More

Radio Upgrade

The radio upgrade can be accomplished for $150. It is possible to increase the range by going for 2.4GHz radio upgrade. There will be an improvement in control as well. You can tame earlier versions (Drone 1.0) also so that they will not go out of radio control.

Go For Conversions

By choosing the best conversion option offered by a reputed company, the conversion can be done at a very low price. The belly of the drone will become small through conversion. There will not be any pressure to the mod, and the shield will cover the mod completely. For additional protection, the mod will be covered with plastic shrink tubing as well.

There will not be any sensitive wires when you go for a rugged and durable design. The plug-and-play system which was already tested can be used so that there will not be any issues. The vendor will provide you instructions so that the upgrade process will be completed very quickly.

Enhanced Video Platform

You can consider ar drone 2.0 mods for enhanced video platform. You can create useable GoPro camera flying platform with AR Drone.

To achieve enhanced video experience, a properly designed GoPro should be installed. There are various kinds of models in the market. To allow a longer range, you should install MacDrones R/C mod and there will be great control through standard R/C transmitter.

While DJI Phantom is very expensive, you can go for a low-cost AR video platform which is ideal for the hobbyist. If you buy AR Drone 1.0, you can add attachments so that the performance of the product is further enhanced.

AR Drone Mods: Optimize Your Drone For Longer Flying, WiFi Range And More

Battery Saving Potential

You should go for additional batteries there will be a long flying experience. By implementing battery-saving measures, it is possible to make the most of your investment. If the video quality is low, there will be significant savings with the drone.

If you use keychain mod, the need for GoPro is eliminated. You can mount the Keychain cam without any issues. You should figure out the total cost of a drone by attaching various accessories to the Drone 1.0 version. The option can be explored when you gain better performance at reduced cost.

Stock Flying

It is observed that newbie should not go for 1.0 version for stock-flying as it has various kinds of problems. If you are aware of the construction process, you will be able to build it as per your needs.

AR Drone Mods: Optimize Your Drone For Longer Flying, WiFi Range And More

Refurbishment And Conversions

There are various service providers in the market to enhance the appearance and performance of the product. You can go through the instructions provided by experts so that there will be great savings on AR Drone. You can take advantage of full-service warranty on refurbished Drones when reputed company offers the service.

Are drone 2.0 mods will let you see the product as perceived by a pilot. You can prepare for the battle in a better way by gearing up for a high-quality product. It is possible to build systems with built-in Wi-Fi system, and Drone can be controlled with a built-in accelerometer. There are forward facing and facing down cameras which will let you see in real-time without any issues.

By going for augmented reality, your world will be turned into a video game. A fighter jet can be chased with your house solo or friends without any issues. There will be super stable flight when the drone uses the military-grade technology. The Drone can be at home or anywhere without any problems, and there will be great fun and excitement by choosing the best renovation methods.