What is a quadcopter?

A QuadCopter is a helicopter which has four rotors. Thus it’s also named quadrotor. It is a unique style evaluating to traditional helicopters. It enables the most stable system, making quadcopters perfect for tasks such as aerial pictures and surveillance. In fact, it is getting extremely popular in UAV research recently. We can find the Quadcopters many different sizes. On a conventional helicopter provides one big rotor to supply all of the overwhelming power and just a minor tail rotor to offset the sleek torque made by the large rotor.

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How does it work?

A quadrotor has four rotors. All ongoing interact to create mounting thrust and every rotor lifts one fourth of the weight. So we can use cheaper and less powerful motors. The comparative thrusts control the quadcopter’s motion of every rotor. These rotors ally in a square, two on reverse sides of the square rotate in the clockwise path, and the other two rotate on the contrary direction. If all rotors bow to the same direction, the craft will spin like the fixed helicopter without a tail rotor.

How to build a Quadcopter

The quadcopter must be taking measurements from the sensors continuously to keep balance, and making modifications to the velocity of each and every rotor to keep the physical body level. Usually, these changes are carried out autonomously by an advanced control program on the quadcopter to be able to stay flawlessly balanced. A quadcopter has four controllable examples of freedom: Yaw, Pitch, Roll, and Altitude. Each amount of independence can manage to adjust the thrusts of every rotor.

Components and building procedures

Here are the proper parts you will be essential to building a quadcopter. I can get the assurance that the setup shall get the most efficiency out of your cash. If you collect the following parts, then you will build a complete quadcopter.

How to build a Quadcopter


The frame is the structure which holds all the components. The Frame ought to be rigid, and also minimize the vibrations from the motors. A QuadCopter frame contains two to three parts,

These parts don’t always need to be of the same materials:

  • The middle plate where in fact the electronics are mounted
  • 4 arms attached to the guts plate
  • 4 motor brackets relating the engines to the bottom of the arms

Most available components for the framework are:

  • Aluminum
  • Wood, such as Medium density or Plywood fiberboard

Carbon fiber is the most vibration and rigid absorbent out from the three materials. Hollow, lightweight aluminum square rails are the well-known for the QuadCopters’ hands due to its light weight, affordability, and rigidness.

How To Build A Quadcopter

Wood panel such as MDFsheetscould is cut away for the arms because they are the best at fascinating the vibrations than lightweight aluminum. Unfortunately, the wood isn't an incredibly rigid material and may break easily in quadcopter crashes.

Brushless Motors

It is a little similar to track DC motors in the manner that coils and magnets are accustomed to traveling the shaft. Brushless motors don't have a brush on the shaft which manages to switch the power path in the coils. Rather the brushless motors possess three loops on the internal of the engine, which set to the mounting. Usually, brushless motors turn in higher speed and usage less power at the similar speed than DC motors. Moreover, brushless motors don’t drop authority in the brush transition like the DC motors do. Therefore it's more energy conserving.

How to build a Quadcopter

You can find Brushless motors in many different varieties, where the size and the recent consumption differ. When choosing your brushless electric motor you should look after the excess weight, the size, which propeller you will use. So everything fits up with the current consumption.


All of the brushless motors there is equestrian a propeller. You may not have noticed this in the pictures; however, the four propellers are not identical actually. So as to the front and the relative back propellers are tilted to the right, while the right and left propellers are tilted left.

How To Build A Quadcopter

Electronic Speed Controller

The brushless motors are 3 phases normally, so direct way to obtain DC power won't turn the engines on. That’s where in fact the Electronic Velocity Controllers is necessary. The ESC producing has three high rates of recurrence indicators with different but controllable phases continuously to keep the motor turning. The ESC can be able to resource a lot of currents as the motors can attract a lot of power.

How To Build A Quadcopter


As for the charged power way to obtain the quadcopter, I would suggest LiPoBattery. It is light firstly, and its current ratings meet our requirement secondly. LiPobattery is available in an individual cell (3.7V) to in a pack of more than ten cells attached in series if you have got a 4000mAh battery, you'll get around four minutes of full throttle airline flight period though 1 KG total weight you will get around sixteen minutes of hover.

How To Build A Quadcopter


The accelerometer is commonly highly volatile and sensitive sometimes, when engine vibration is little, it could screw up the orientation. Consequently, we use a gyroscope to handle this nagging problem. With both gyroscope readings and accelerometer can distinguish between vibration and motions.


The gyroscope will drift a full lot, which means that if you start rotating the sensor, the gyroscope shall output the angular velocity, however when you stop it doesn’t necessarily get back to zero level. If you use the gyroscope readings, you'll get an orientation that proceeds to go slowly (drifts) even though you halted rotating the sensor. It is why both sensors need to be used to calculate a useful and proper orientation together.


The directions can measure a magnetometer and strength of the magnetic field. This magnetic sensor can be utilized to determine which way is north and south.

Flight Controller

You can purchase a driver panel that's specially created for a quadcopter or buy all the parts plus assemble one yourself. A few of the operator groups already support the needed sensors while other requires you to get these on another panel.

How To Build A Quadcopter

RC Transmitter

QuadCopters could be programmed and controlled in lots of different methods. But the most usual types are RC transmitter in either Stable setting Price. The main difference may be the real way the controller panel interprets the orientations feedback using your RC transmitter joysticks.

How To Build A Quadcopter

Optional Components

After buying all of the necessary parts, and you are not broke still, you may consider other common optional elements such as GPS modules, barometers, ultrasonic sensors, etc. They can enhance the functionality of your quadcopter and provide more features.


In conclusion, this article has given you a much better understanding what each right part of the quadcopter does, and how to start choosing the right product for your quadcopter. I think if you properly put the components in the frame then you will build a beautiful quadcopter.​