Quadcopter Reviews: Udi R/C U842 Camera Quadcopter

Udi R/C U842 Camera Quadcopter is the successor of UDI’S Micro UFO, and it is equipped with an excellent UDI’s 2.3 GHz transmitter for good control and an onboard camera. Some of the key features that make this quadcopter stand out are briefly described below. You can get more at Best Top 10 Good Quadcopters Reviews.

4 Safety protected propellers

Udi R/C U842 Camera Quadcopter comes with four safety protected propellers like the parrot you can do barrel rolls for a good price you are getting a premium feature in this four rotors copter. Its design also helps to lower the center of gravity to avoid crashes. It also helps it in safe landing and maintains a constant speed in the air by keeping the center of gravity.

The remote controller

The unit comes with an remote controller which have two joysticks and which makes it easier to fly and to control that is why the minimum age limit for flying is 14 yrs only. It has two flight modes because of this specially designed controller one of them is a high-performance mode by which you can perform double and triple rolls but after a little practice. The camera is also accessed by the controller for pics and videos. This quadcopter has a range of 300 feet.

Gyroscopes and accelerometer

This quadcopter with a camera by UDI comes with three gyroscopes and three accelerometers. It helps to maintain the center of gravity and for motionless hovering. 6-axis gyro movement is also playing an important role in flying the Udi R/C U842 Camera Quadcopter.


  • Rigid design and good quality material
  • Has a separate controller which makes it easy to control
  • Push and play camera
  • High-speed flying makes it fun
  • Camera is sharp and clear


  • Lesser range in flying @300 feet
  • Camera preview is N/A
  • Lens is quite narrow which is quite disappointing
  • No GPS so no navigation