How to Remove Video Jello Effect on GoPro DJI

Jello effect becomes annoying in flight FPV Quadcopter. The resulting effect due to the influence of vibration channeled to the camera that took the air rocking. This problem seemed to be much-debated terrible things that detract from the fun or in their profession.

How to Remove Video Jello Effect on GoPro DJI

The struggle to eliminate a variety of experimental and many have tried. Starting from simple things to reduce the effects of jello is a propeller that is too flexible blamed to be a problem for them.

For example replacement of propeller DJI Phantom with tougher carbon fiber material is usually chosen. But it has more to shrink and shape the design of smaller leaves than the original. It seems this way Jello effect is only slightly reduced, but to fly to the top with small leaves can make the aircraft more quickly down yet time.

Another simpler way to utilize Non-slip mats car. You must know the small rug is used to put stuff smartphone or other small items that do not easily fall. Cut a small square and place it between the support and the phantom camera, so this way is expected to reduce camera shake.

Another suggestion from some hobby quadcopter but these costs is to balance the budget Dubro propeller keyless series of P2. But in this way the problem jello still many who experience.

If you usually make a video at 24fps capture try to increase the number of frames per second, orient yourself with the numbers 48, 50 and 60fps. It looks like it may reduce the effects of jello very light, but maybe some parts are still visible.

Post pro a crucial part, so that the application “GoPro Studio” will be useful to eliminate the effect of convex and make the video into slow motion or change from 50 to 120 flower. After the new file is processed by the application of final cut pro and do not forget to also add the effect “smooth cam.” A pretty useful way to convert videos without too much data is lost, but it looks pretty complicated.

Well if you need another solution we switched to different solutions related to the world of photography. Ya right, you can use the Filter ND (Neutral Density) mounted on GoPro cameras to eliminate annoying effects. The photographers used to use these lenses on a swivel attached in front of the camera. This little tool serves to reduce the intensity of light but does not lower the character of the resulting image. Not physically different from the filter Polaris.

How to Remove Video Jello Effect on GoPro DJI

It seems to fly at sunset is be a very good time to test it. Starting from a higher refresh rate to the lowest to find better results. In the manual DJI Zenmuse weight gain on a camera that has been calibrated on a gimbal is not recommended. It is the belief of each, considering it weighs only about 10 grams.

There is another opinion that says, insert 20cent coin (about 5 grams) using adhesive compensate for such problems. But whether this is a safe way to use long-term dreadlocks.

Still, no final solution can be done, by putting Foil Sorbothane between gimbal and P2.These are the materials used to absorb vibration when record players, hi-fi system and the soles of running shoes. If you use this, you do not need to use any additional or NDfilter that has been mentioned.

If you already recorded and wanted to eliminate the effects Jello on the video, there are some software that can help treat Jello recorded.

Remove Jello Effect with Software

After Effects CS6: Programs that are already widely known is also able to outsmart jello already generated. Post a supporter Plugin called “Warp Stabilizer” with this arrangement.

ProDAD Mercalli: It could be more efficient if only a little ripple want to be selected and enhanced.

Many are also not a thing can be done for this kind of problem, it may experience in the can will vary. At least with this user DJI Phantom + Gimbal camera is not confused with the actions that can be done to make the stay enjoyable hobby and creativity.