5 Tips to Extend Battery Life of Your Quadcopter

There is nothing more inconvenient than when you are flying your quadcopter and have fun with it then the quadcopter is running out of the battery.

In general, the flying time of a quadcopter is short, about 20 to 25 minutes in theory and real life; it is even shorter than that. With only about 20 minutes and you have a lot of things to do with your quadcopter, you surely want to extend the life of your quadcopter’s battery as much as possible.

Luckily, there are some tips that you can use to extend the battery life possibly and then use it for a long time also.

Here are 5 most effective tips to do so:

1. Choose To Pilot The Quadcopter When The Weather Is Nice

If you can choose when to fly your quadcopter, you should have a quick look at the weather of the time that you are about to do so and pick up the day when it has the nicest weather. The most suitable weather to pilot a quadcopter is the day when it is calm with less no absolutely no wind. When there is wind, your quadcopter has to fly against the pressures caused by the winds, consuming more of the battery.

Keep in mind that even if you don’t care much about the life of your battery, it is still very dangerous and not recommended to fly your quadcopter when the weather is harsh. So avoid flying your quadcopter in the strong windy day at all cost.

2. Charge Your Battery Right Before You Are Going To Fly Your Quadcopter

Knowing when to charge your battery is very important. Some people have the habit of preparing for everything a day before they go out for recreational activities, including charging all of their electronic devices.

However, when you fully charge your battery a day before, overnight, your battery would still degrade and does not have full 100% when you fly your quadcopter the next day.

Therefore, my recommendation is that you charge your phone up to 50$ the day you have the flight and wait until right before you flight the quadcopter to charge to 100%.

Many people might think that then it would be fine for them to charge the battery overnight and let it charging until just before the flight. However, it means that you are overcharging your battery. In the bad case, it would become overheated and explode. And if it is not so, the life of your battery will reduce significantly.


3. Buy A Battery With Higher Power Capacity

If you tend to fly your quadcopter frequently, consider changing from a battery with a lower power capacity to a higher power capacity. It would be more expensive than the lower one, but it will be worth it in the long run.

4. Reduce The Weight Of Your Quadcopter

When your quadcopter is heavy, it will take more effort and energy to fly. And more energy means that the battery will be consumed much quicker.

Therefore, you should consider some methods to reduce the weight of your quadcopter as much as possible. When the quadcopter is lighter, surely the life of the battery will be longer.

For example, you can take off the camera if you don’t want to take any picture with your drone.

Also, you can consider removing the prop guards. Although they help to protect your drone, they add more weight to it, which will then consume the battery quicker.

5. Store Your Battery In A Right Place

Finally, you need to know where to store your battery to prolong the life of it. The ideal place to store your battery is somewhere dry and cool, preferably at room temperature. If the surrounding environment around your battery is very moist and humid, your batter will become very wet and leaky, which make it unusable for the future.

The battery can catch fire easily, so it needs to be stored in a place far from electrical sockets and devices as well as another source of heat and fire.

You battery need to be stored away from the direct sunlight as the harsh light will damage and oxidize your battery.

You should also take your battery out and store it when it is at 40% or 3.8 V.

All the tips above are what you need to know if you want to increase the battery life of your quadcopter. If you can do so, you will have more time to fly your quadcopter and would be able to enjoy it more. Also, you also save quite a lot of money before you have to buy the new set of batteries.

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