Beginner’s Guide For Gopro Hero 3 Setting

Gopro Hero camera is one of your must-have items in your travel or puts in on your quadcopter. If you are fancy traveling, let consider to buy one for you.

Gopro Hero 3 is the best version ever for the users in their first time in term of its ease of use. In this article, there is a complete guide for beginner to set up a Gopro Hero 3.

1/ Overview About Gopro Hero 3 Components

There are 5 main features: Housing, Mount, battery, SD card, and main camera.

Let get started with the housing. It is the protection for your equipment against weather like the storm, water or the heat.

Mount helps you have the capture everywhere from every angle.

SD cards will assure the storage of your video. With Gopro Hero 3, the storage of SD cards will be up to 64 gigabytes, which will help you store videos in your long journey without being afraid of losing your memory.

The battery is really necessary for your long traveling. Gopro Hero 3 can be integrated with other spared battery. So you will never bear in mind with the problem of running out of battery in a long journey.

When it comes to main camera of Gopro Hero 3, the camera looks quite simple. The point that you have to take care of is the lens of the camera. It is important that this is not marked scratch, but you will see the affect in every video recorded.

2/ Steps to Set Up And Start Using Gopro Hero 3

Step 1: Inserting battery of camera

In the back of the camera, there is a simple slide to lock the button across, so you can open it to insert the battery.

Step 2: Inserting SD card

Next step is to insert the SD card. On the side of the camera, there is a side for putting SD card. So you can remove the slide to insert the SD card into slot until it fit the right place.

Step 3: Click the power button

The last one is to click the switching on a button to start the camera.

This button is located in front of the camera. After switching on, the LED will flash 3 times, and the camera turns on.

After switching on the camera, look at LCD screen at the right corner of the front side. There are current mode including video mode and field of narrow or wide view. According to the decision of the user, it can be selected narrow or wide view. Another specification in LCD screen is the recording resolution. You can choose resolution 720p or 1080p or whatever. Below the resolution index, there is the index illustrating the number of clips recorded.

When you do not want to use your camera, press the power button again, hold on for 3 seconds and the LED flashes 7 times, which you can stand that the camera is turning off.

Step 4: Viewing the captured video

Viewing content is very easy. There are two way to view your capture video. The first one is to use the USB cable to connect your Gopro Hero 3 to your computer.

And the second one is to remove the SD card out of the Gopro camera. Then, put the SD card into a card reader and plug to USB port of your computer. Then, you can see everything in your computer.

It seems like very simple for everybody to use a Gopro Hero 3 camera. Besides the functions of capturing your memory on your journey, the ease of use is also significant element for every people use Gopro Hero 3.

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