The Brief History Of The DJI Phantom – Its 3 Kinds

1/ A Brief History of DJI

First of all, I want you to know about the history of DJI a little. In 1898 at Madison Square, New York, there were many audiences stand stunned because a small ship was moving autonomously. There were a few proclaims about demonstrator utilizing telekinesis while other people hailed the up-to-date science’s marvel. After all, this is just the demonstrator. According to Mr. Nikola Tesla, this technology is the future’s face.

In spite of the unmanned aerial vehicles’ existence (UAV), it was able to be traced back to in the middle of 1800’s with an Austrian bomb attached to balloons. Thanks to Tesla, there was the existence of up-to-date remote controlled drone. In fact, from the beginning, it was exclusively utilized as a war tool, but the UAV has developed it into a type of instrument with the purpose of helping some certain crafts easily. Recently, the skyrocketing interest in the UAV technology by both professional and amateur cinematographers, photographers is the same. This led to in 2025, a team of analysts expects a worthy $11 billion market. Amazingly, the Chinese startup – Da Jiang Innovations (DJI) is already at this lucrative market’s forefront.

In 2006 at Shenzhen, Guangdong (China), this company was set up. It contributed as a part of the startup’s boom in this country, specifically, in the telecommunication and robotic fields. The Mr. Frank Wang founder is the electrical engineer as well as the enthusiast of remote controlled aircraft. Though just beginning with a 20 workers group, it has developed at a staggering rate. Currently, the number of company’s workers is more than 2.800 including American, Korean, Chinese employees and branches in Tokyo, Frankfurt, Los Angeles. Based on sources, revenue influx rises by 300-500% per year. For example, in 2013, Mr. Wang disclosed the revenue of that year equaled $131 million alone, although from 2012, the Fire Wheel has begun to produce the 1rst commercially available one.

2/ What Is A Phantom?

Simply, it is a quadcopter invented by DJI. It’s very easy to recognize, but perhaps you haven’t known that since the beginning of 2013, the DJI Phantom has been around.

3/ What’s The Difference Between All of DJI Phantom Models?


This is the first drone of DJI which is specifically designed for consumers. The majority of people can get one by means of ordering a quadcopter on the Internet after that reading its manual to know how to get it flying without being too many problems. What’s more, it is one of the 1rst ready-to-fly drone models utilized GPS. In general, DJI Phantom 1 is quite easy to fly in comparison with what was out there at that time but it is pretty difficult to avoid a few faults. Its battery will be out of after ten minutes. The shaky video footage looks like you might be fallen out of the sky anytime even sometimes the attached GPS doesn’t work. It’s no wonder that if there are any enthusiasts of RC laugh at you when you own this kind of DJI Phantom 1.


Unlike Phantom 1, the battery of DJI Phantom 2 is a complete difference because it doesn’t still get the strange looking shrink-wrapped brick and colorful wires which stick out of a model. Just charge without needing worry about reading its manual. Just like any other type of batteries of Phone and laptop, let you slid into DJI Phantom 2 simply.

After a large number of improvements to the DJI Phantom 2, it was selected and used by other manufacturers of drone. However, the Phantom 2 is not the final point of being the most popular drone all the time. At that time, you can easily see the appearance of Phantom in racing, tv shows, adds as well as other sports events, movie sets, ice caves, the Whitehouse’s lawn even everywhere you can think about.

Other Version Of DJI Phantom 2

Actually, DJI Phantom 2 has available some different models such as the Phantom 2 Vision Plus, Phantom 2 Vision and the Phantom 2. The basic one is the Phantom 2 as it doesn’t be attached to a camera as well as another fancy. Simply, there just are optional gimbal and quadcopter. In terms of the Phantom 2 Vision, it has an integrated 1080p streamed live video which is controlled by a smartphone without a gimbal. That’s why it is not really helpful for video. The Phantom 2 Vision’s later version is the Phantom 2 Vision that featured a three-axis gimbal, however, the quality of its video still is not as great as the dedicated GoPro hero 4.


The appearance of Phantom 3 design is not different from the Phantom 2 Vision Plus, but its inside has been totally re-designed with a bigger 4S battery, big motherboard and small fans including the majority of electronics like motor speed controller.

DJI Phantom 3 has 2 models but they just have only one difference is that while the Phantom 3 Professional can record in 4K, the Phantom 3 Advanced can just go up to 1080p. It’s likely DJI doesn’t create Phantom models without the integrated cameras anymore. Thus, in case you merely would like to get something flying around without any cameras, the Phantom 2 is the best choice, or a 3DR Solo is also a good option.

The Phantom 3 featured all the DJI Pilot app, optional-flow stabilization, active motor braking, light bridge and 4K which have been taken from the Inspire 1. But, the price of the Phantom 3 is still quite low – $1300. This is a good alternative in comparison with the Inspire 1 due to its affordable price. Whatever, you should check out some articles to have a real comparison of the Inspire 1 and the Phantom 3.

Since 2013, this kind of model has come the quite long method, however, DJI doesn’t slow down in innovating sooner. You can easily see how the DJI Phantom 3 model is sold better than the DJI Phantom 2 model. The aim of DJI is to be a billion dollar company. It’s no wonder that we will see a few quite exciting drones in the future for sure.

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