Differences Among 4 Models Of DJI Phantom 3

Overview About Quadcopter Drone

Recently, with those who love technology, probably they are getting used to a quadcopter. So what is it and how it can help us? It is a machine that is so called a mini helicopter. It can fly in a period buy the power charged from electricity. The young are now using it to fly to capture the beauty of nature, relaxing after a hard working day. This way is the new trend hobbies which will reduce the pressure and stress for whom is scramming themselves in the rat-race.

Furthermore, in the industry of filming, a quadcopter is especially good for the film producer to capture the marvelous scene of the nature to make your film more extractive. Thanks to the appearance of quadcopter, people have a chance to travel around the world through small display screen, enjoying the natural beauty in a different view.

Moving on to the next point, this article will show you some review about a type of quadcopter with all of its models which are DJI Phantom 3.

Review About DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter

DJI Phantom 3 is ranked as the best seller quadcopter model on the market currently.

Technology does not stop developing; now there are up to 4 models of DJI Phantom 3. If you are a beginner, you will face a little bit difficult to choose the best one for you to buy. So, it is the reason why you should go somewhere online to find the information about the specification of them, to find the best one which is suitable for you.

There are 4 models which are Standard, 4K, Advanced, Professional. It will all fit the requirements, however, when it comes to more detailed, there are some different points. They are as following:

Quality of Image

Regarding Standard model, you have to note that this model does not support video with 4K quality. It’s normal shoot for video is at 2.7K, which is in the range of standard video quality that most of the people. With sensor image, DJI Phantom 3 standard use the one of Panasonic that is less expensive than that of Sony which used for Gopro Hero 4. However, not everyone will pay much attention to the image quality difference.

With 4K model, it is not the best in 4 models and has all specifications of Standard model. The difference is that it support 4K quality for recording video.

The Phantom 3 Advanced, even has better image quality recording rather than the 4K model. The reason is that 4K model only have stream of 480P quality, and all the others have stream of 720. So, if you have to make decision between which one will you choose, I will prefer Advanced one.

The Professional model has all recording quality feature of 3 mentioned above model, but the quality image is at the highest rate of 4K quality.

GPS Connection

GPS is one element that makes your quadcopter valuable. Since GPS part is the deciding element that you can control the machine towards your direction. So, to buy the best quadcopter, you should carefully consider the GPS function of each type to fit your purpose.

Advance is the most reliable model when it takes the same time to connect to American and Russia satellite. The professional model has been best GPS compared with that of 3 others. When it comes to GPS function of 2 remaining, 4K and standard, it is not so good as two first mentioned one.

Speed And Flying Time

Flying time of Phantom 3 Advance is a range as the best among 4. It can fly 4 times as far as the 4K model does and 5 times as far the Standard does. If you love the speed, do not hesitate to buy Advanced model for the best experience. Regarding the flying time of these 4 models, the Phantom DJI 3 Professional has the best flying time with its qualified power. Also, the time to charge is also faster. It is not fun when you are excited playing with your drone, and suddenly it stops working with the reason that it run out of power. So in my opinion, it is the smart investment to buy model Professional.


For those who have a tight budget, it had better that they buy DJI Phantom 3 standard type since in all 4 models, it is the cheapest cost model.

To be honest, Phantom 3 4K model is a little bit more expensive, but it is still not the most costly one. More expensive are the professional and advanced models since it was manufactured earlier.

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In conclusion, these days with the development of technology, there is a wide range of options for you to choose a quadcopter. You should consider a lot to find the best suitable for your purpose, avoiding regret because it is not a toy for children. It is the product of high-end technology.

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