How To Increase Flight Time Of Quadcopter

Quadcopter, known as the multi-rotor helicopter, is bringing new experience for who like flying, programming and mechanics. Recently, more and more people are using quadcopter as a new hobby, especially with young people.

Let imagine you are playing your quadcopter with a lot of fun, and suddenly, it stops working, out of your expectation with no reason. This is the time you take a while to consider some way to improve the flight time of your quadcopter. This article will provide some useful information for you to enhance the flight time of your quadcopter. There are several ways to stretch the time for flying of your quadcopter.

1/ Removing Your Camera

Usually, when you use your quadcopter, it is really wonderful experience when you record your video through a camera. However, the camera is taking up significant weight of the quadcopter. It means that it may use more energy to carry extra camera. So, in order to lessen the energy to carry extra thing, it had better that you remove the camera out of the quadcopter, which makes your quadcopter lighter. Or at least, you just switch off your camera, a lot of power can be saved.

2/ Upgrading Quadcopter Battery

With the development of technology, battery for quadcopter is developed and now there is a wide range of battery with different capacity. Normally, the battery capacity of a quadcopter is about 1200mAh. However, now there are many extra battery with capacity of 2800mAh or more. So with the replacement of 1200mAh battery by 2800mAh one, you can extend your flight time more than 2 times.

3/ Changing the Blading Props

Traditionally, there are 4 blading props in a quadcopter. But now, they develop to have more options like 6 blading props or 8 blading props. But there is a fact that most of people do not pay attention to is that blading props are able to create the different flight time. Regarding the weight in accordance with energy mentioned above. The smaller blading props is, the less power is used, which will expand the flight time. So if you are having a quadcopter with large blading crops, do not hesitate to replace ones smaller.

4/ Arranging Flight In Nice Weather

The quadcopter can not fly well in rainy or windy conditions. Even, it will have really bad effect like the damage of some parts. As can be seen, quadcopter has 4 blading props, so, if there is much wind or rain, it is difficult for quadcopter to turn direction or even keep balance, which means, your machine with take up more power.If you want to play with your quadcopter for a long time, do consider to choose the good weather, excepting negative effects from nature.

5/ Charging Your Battery When You Want to Use Them Only

Many people charge their battery in advance several days. Initially, it seems like it is ideal planning, but in fact, it is really terrible battery care, which will diminish the quality of your battery. Remember, if you charge your battery much earlier than the time you use, it will automatically lose the charge or even, it will turn to fire. You had better charge your battery some hours before using your device.

6/ Undergoing A Proper Practices About Charging

There are a lot of people who are instructed that it is a good way to charge their battery until it full and then let them drained completely before they recharged. However, it is really a bad experience. It is the best to keep the charge of battery from 40 to 80 % if possible.

Above all are some useful tips that can help to stretch the flight time of your quadcopter. Sometimes paying attention to small things like those can bring great effect.

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