​How to Connect the FPV Camera Quadcopter to Android and iOS

One of the nice things quadcopter drones can fly directly into the camera with a display screen or a so-called FPV (First-Person- View).

Taking a picture with a steep angle could be easier than with regular shooting.

Choosing camera Wi-Fi is more popular than the onboard cameras were only recorded unusual to be seen after the plane down.

In the documentation that came usually already explained how to synchronize the camera on the drone. But if you still feel confused trying to read the following tutorial.

How to Connect the FPV Camera Quadcopter to Android and iOS

Picture is for illustration purpose only

Setting the Wi-Fi device to Camera Drone

  • FPV first install the application being used.
  • At first, activate the power ON on the quadcopter.
  • After a few seconds begin to turn on WiFi Android in the settings menu. At that time wifi started searching for the name of the camera used.
  • If you are finished press, connect to start the synchronization.
  • Now open the FPV application to see the results.

GoPro camera while using nearly the same pace, as shown below.

How to Connect a GoPro Camera to Android and iOS

  • Use the application provided in the app store and install it on your device.
  • Once the camera is turned open and turn on the WiFi application, press the ‘wireless GoPro” writing.
  • Set the username and password you want or use the default password “goprohero”.
  • Up here has been completed and the menu screen is supposed to look “Control + Connect”.
  • Try also on a tablet device or other smartphone to be sure.

Solution If the Wi-Fi Connection Failed

If Airplane Mode will automatically turn off WiFi life, it is necessary to put it out. Make sure Airplane Mode Off because if this mode of living, WiFi will automatically be turned off.

If the GoPro WiFi Mode ON breaking disconnected, meaning no application conflicts on devices such as Onavo, Snapple, APN-Switch and APN OnOff. Try to remove it and turn on the WiFi again, because GoPro WiFi connection itself is not to be connected to the Internet but to any device.

If the camera was alive but still not found paired devices, wash it cached on the device and reboot and tried again.