Quadcopter Reviews: Cheerson GPS Quadcopter CX-20 Auto-pathfinder GPS Control 6-axis Gyro FPV RC Drone CX20 RTF


The life is getting easier and better as technology advances. Shooting video in all position is not a problem anymore. Forget about manual tiring video shooting techniques; now you can easily shoot videos. Thanks to Cheerson GPS Quadcopter CX-20 Auto-pathfinder GPS Control. This copter works correctly both in external and horizontal acceleration and therefore it is useful for various activities including video shooting. Its capability has also been enhanced with its flexibility and handling stability.

Let’s now dig dip into its specified features and see what sets it apart. If you like it, you can get it at Best Top 10 Good Quadcopters Reviews.

Flight Dynamic System

For any copter to work properly, the system plays a significant role. It determines the efficiency of sending and receiving the signals. The system is also responsible for the safety of the quadcopter. This outcome is right since with weak manufactured system the machine can quickly crash. Cheerson GPS Quadcopter CX-20 Auto-pathfinder GPS Control is different. It uses integrated dynamic flight system; MX + GPS multi-rotor autopilot system.

Quadcopter Reviews: Cheerson GPS Quadcopter CX-20

MX and GPS multi-rotor is a very potent combination and work together correctly to make user achieve high flight control. Besides that, this combination brings about a more stable system that improves the performance of the quadcopter. Furthermore, pilots can make a more advanced performance with GPS attitude and approach controller through switching from one mode to the other.


This copter utilizes the design that implements 2.4GHz frequency transmitter that works perfectly both in different vertical and horizontal movement. This transmitter performs very well for a distance of 300 meters both vertically and horizontally. The maximum horizontal acceleration can reach 10m/s while vertical, 6m/s.

Quadcopter Reviews: Cheerson GPS Quadcopter CX-20

Other Specifications

    • Rechargeable 11.1V 2500mAh Lithium Battery
    • 15 minutes flight time
    • 2 hours recharging time
    • LED light
    • External removable camera mount
    • Remote controller

Who Needs Cheerson GPS Quadcopter CX-20?

This device is for all fun seekers. Dream pilots but never made it flight control course. It is for video producers who are tired of hard manual work of holding the camera up there to capture the Arial view. It is for photographers who need to take a picture of lovely fall in a better position but has no idea of getting there. It is for all fun seekers who love the manual navigation and gaining control experience. Simply, this copter is for all people since it is friendly, applicable and easy to use.

Quadcopter Reviews: Cheerson GPS Quadcopter CX-20


The plan is perfect, and that’s why this drone can perfectly fly and land without complication. The design also facilitates stability on air. Besides that the material used is hard plastic, this material makes it very durable and suitable for different environments. Naturally, this copter meets the standard required while designed.



  • Stronger body
  • Can attain faster speed while flying
  • It has long lasting battery
  • Uses stronger system
  • Uses GPS navigation


  • Limited range
  • Long battery charging time