What Is The Difference Between A Drone And A Quadcopter?

If you are interested in recreational drones, you have probably noticed that both the names quadcopter and drone are used pretty frequently. In fact, it may at times appear as these two names are interchangeable. However, the truth is that although drone and quadcopter are both correct words to use to describe recreational unmanned flying craft, their definitions differ a bit. Understanding precisely what a quadcopter is and precisely what a drone is can help you to avoid misunderstanding and find the proper recreational drone for you.

What Is A Drone?

The drone broad term is usually utilized to describe a type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Specifically, that is both UAVs are controlled remotely and are controlled by onboard computers. These kinds of the aerial craft may look like helicopters or small airplanes. In generally, there are two features which set up them apart like a drone. Besides engine-controlled characteristic, they can fly for a long time.

What Is Quadcopter?

Unlike drone, this term is more specific. It is utilized to refer to drones controlled by 4 rotors. You can call it quadrotor helicopter or quadrotor. Rotors on each quadcopter include a propeller and motor. What is more, rather than being controlled by onboard computer and a pre-programmed, these are usually controlled remotely. Like helicopters, quadcopter itself balances by the blades’ movement without using a tail rotor. Here are six most important differences:



In term of hovering, of course, the quadcopter is going to win without questions. Hovering – stay put in the air, in case you would like to take pictures or protect an electric eye from trouble.


The fixed-wing drone is broadly so it out run rotorcraft. There is a Parrot selling point touting about its disco that a tool hits 50 miles per an hour. However, that does not mean quadcopter is a complete air slug. For example, the Warpquad drone kit can reach 86mph at full throttle.


If you want to transport something over long distance quickly, it will be very effective to use the fixed-wing drone in place of a jumbo intercontinental helicopter because the less fuel is consumed, but its speed is faster. The fixed-wing drone with the prototype delivery system are demoed by google. However, in case you are not going too far as well as do not need to go extremely fast, let you think about the DJI’s S 800 consumer rotorcraft can carry about ten pounds in the air.

Flight Time

Owing to their effective pound-for-pound, the fixed-wing drone is the long-term flight’s focus. For instance, Facebook needs the solar-powered fixed-wing that means it wants a platform for beaming the Internet to far locales with the purpose of spending up to 3 months in the sky at a time.


Unlike two dumb wings of drone, a quadcopter gets more than 2 moving parts. The fixed-wing’s comparative ruggedness or easy to punch out and replace a foam wing help them more attractive for fieldwork like agricultural or biological surveys.


Rotorcraft has a benefit over a fixed-wing drone in that there is no wind-up to pitch. Especially a small fixed-wing drone need, in the event of no any runway thrown by hands. When it is in the sky, in case you would like to say and inspect, you probably need a telephone pole or construction site because it is easy for a quadcopter model to shoot upward.


Hope the information above help you know what are the differences between fixed-wing drones and quadcopters clearly. With any your questions, do not hesitate to leave them below articles. I also welcome to get your useful suggestions for my article better and better. Thank you very much for reading my article and do not forget to follow my next ones.

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